Data recovery

  • We offer data recovery services for PC and Mac from different types of media such as internal and external hard drive, digital camera memory card and floppy disk.

    If your hard drive is operational, and:

    • data is missing
    • it seems to work but the operating system will not start
    • has deleted files
    • was reformatted
    • has unreadable areas
    • has data corruption
    • has overwritten data

    - we will use specialized software to recover your data by scanning the drive thoroughly and collect information from any readable areas.

    If your hard drive is non-operational, and:

    • has been damaged by fire, flood, or other disaster
    • has experienced electronic failure
    • is no longer operational
    • was dropped or physically damaged
    • is making unusual noises

    - the drive requires hardware recovery, which involves stripping it down, potential parts replacement etc. This process is very complicated and very often requires the use of advanced equipment and laboratory conditions. To recover data from physically broken hard drives we use services offered by hardware recovery experts - Kroll Ontrack.

    Kroll Ontrack is offering the most technically advanced and comprehensive data recovery solutions across desktop, server and virtual environments, covering physical and logical failures as well as database corruptions. Founded in 1987, Kroll Ontrack is the global leader in the provision of data management solutions specializing in recovery, restoration, erasure and investigative products and services.
    With 33 offices in 22 countries, Kroll Ontrack is the trusted data management partner for many of the world’s leading organizations. With over 50,000 recoveries undertaken globally every year, Kroll Ontrack saves time, money and ensures total peace of mind.

    As Ontrack Certified Partner, we can organize the hardware data recovery through Ontrack for you, prepare paperwork, securely pack the drive and send it over to Ontrack.